Pool Party

Re-imagining how we experience related videos

Partly an experiment in storytelling, partly my first dive into user-centered interaction design, this project stemmed from my interest in humanizing technology by blending physical and digital mediums. I narrowed my focus to a digital experience—watching related videos on YouTube—and sought to make it more similar to how we experience events in real life.

An Unusual Process

I started by interpreting related YouTube videos from the search term “pool party” via illustrations, arranging them in a physical space. This exercise allowed me to make connections and find relationships between videos that I was unable to do with the somewhat linear and disconnected experience on YouTube.

Related videos interpreted in a physical space

I noticed the experience of looking at the video interpretations displayed physically on a wall mimicked how an event is experienced in real life: all of the details were there, but could not be perceived at once. I then translated this idea back to the digital environment.

Early test of multiple related videos

The Prototype

I decided to turn this multiple video structure into an interactive story where YouTube’s vast collection of mundane home videos could be transformed into a library of human experience. The prototype is meant to demonstrate potential functionality of a more natural experience of related videos: one that facilitates exploration and discovery, makes it easier to discover relationships between videos, and allows the user to have a deeper, more immersive experience that is closer to how we experience an event in real life.

Pool Party prototype demo (3:11)
Lots and lots of experimentation with process and how to make sense of a dynamic, multiple video interface.