Truth Labs

Redesigning an eCommerce analytics tool

In the last three months at Truth Labs, a digital agency in Chicago, I have been redesigning an eCommerce analytics app, re-envisioning its architecture, user interface, and data visualizations to help customers get to insights easier and faster.

Accessible Yet Powerful

A key part of this design is making it accessible for executives who just want broad summaries and insights without spending much time or effort digging, but also deep and powerful for account managers who need to see thorough, finely-detailed data for specific areas.

It is a constant balancing act of packing in as much functionality as possible without compromising on usability. Natural language is used for easy-to-digest insights, and actionable cues are provided for access to richer, more customizable views of the data.

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For such a complex app, it has been crucial to design using real data. There has been continuous feedback and iteration through clickable prototypes with accurate data. This has facilitated more detailed and useful feedback from the client, helping to ensure the design doesn’t just look good, but actually makes sense. Using real data has also helped clarify how some use cases should be prioritized and not get bogged down in ambiguous scenarios.