What’s Fresh

Two ways to find out what produce is in season

I wanted to quickly know what produce was in season in my city, so I designed an infographic for the most appropriate place: a reusable grocery bag. The infographic gives an at-a-glance sense of when produce in season, how long certain produce is in season for, and when is the most bountiful time of year. With a style inspired by old fashioned produce box labels, it is meant to double as an aesthetically pleasing bag with useful information just when it’s needed most.

Make it an App...

I was curious to see how I could translate this information into an app to be even more useful. As an app, the information can be filtered to show only the produce that is in season right now. There is room to show additional information like specific varieties of produce, peak seasonality, and local versus imported seasonality.

Prototype demo (1:05)